Middleton by Wirksworth

We have an ever-increasing collection of photographs of Middleton's past. We know there are a vast number of photographs in personal collections which have not seen the light of day for many many years. If anyone has any Middleton related photographs from 1970 or before that they are willing to share with the community (you get to keep the originals) then we would be very interested. We will arrange for scanning or copying as required.


We are looking for photographs showing the streets, buildings and people of Middleton from 1840 to 1970. We are particularly interested in views that no longer exist today such as those of rise end and the Green as they used to be. Also the routes in and out of Middleton - tracks, roads and rails as they were.


Please get in touch at info@middletonbywirksworth.co.uk if you have photos you would like to share. Thank you.